General manager
Sales & marketing manager

« Wherever you go, go with all your heart »



  • Creation, (re)organization and optimization of your structures
  • (Re)starting BUs (new entity, merger or acquisition, crisis)
  • Sales and marketing development in France and abroad


  • in relations with German groups (BUs – SMEs and groups)
  • in international contexts
  • in building industry, overall industry and specialized distribution

Your partner for a transition- / interim mission !


Well considered as a « builder », I intervene in managerial deficiencies, for diagnoses and implementation of operational plans, at the start-up or acquisition of a BU, to organize and to structure, to develop an activity by opening doors and putting people in touch, but also during periods of crisis and rescue.

For the realization of the objectives, between the ideal and the reality, it is above all ACTION, but also all TOGETHER!

Jean Liermann,
Masters in International Business ESCE (Paris) and in Marketing ESSEC (Paris)

Interim Manager since 2001, I bring 35 years of very operational experience in positions as General Manager of a subsidiary-BU and/or Director of Sales and Marketing Development, in the industrial-, distribution- and consulting sectors – B2B and B2B2C.

I support national and international groups, even financial ones, on missions of BU construction, start-up or restart of entities, growth, structuring and crisis management. Scope of turnover : between 10Mio€ and 100Mio€.

I’m also offering a particular and combined expertise, which stands out like a recurrent theme in my career:

Building- and public works industry (Sanitary ware, hardware, chemistry for construction, tools, building materials…), and German speaking groups (DACH).

I have acquired many skills in BU management, in liaising with management families and shareholders, but also in sales and marketing development, in France and abroad, in team building and even some experience in the supervision and planning of production units.

So I have structured companies by implementing a strategic vision, associated with ambitious operational plans focused on business development, as a result of diagnosing the necessary and identified changes.

I initiate the transformation and the (re)start-up.

My role?  To build and to renew performance and success in order to perpetuate!

My specific network in France and in Europe also allows me to set up efficient operational teams and to open doors more quickly in the specialized distribution of products associated with the building industry.


Interim Management

  • Business development missions
  • Replacement missions
  • Structuring missions
  • Crisis management missions


Possibility of emergency intervention « in squad » to solve a crisis :
Pool of interim managers and independant consultants, working together in a « firemen mode ».

Consulting / Support

  • Diagnostic audit
  • Strategic & operational planning 
  • Support & advice for managers
  • Exceptional field interventions to follow up managers
  • Search for partners
  • Search for customers
  • Staff recruitment
  • Networks approach – linking people

· MD Sales & Marketing oriented
· France & International
· Production expériences, 1 in Germany

· Full P&L responsabilty
· Corporate representative possibility

Work in French-German-English

BtoB       BtoBtoC


I open doors in the specialized distribution within the French Construction business: hardware dealers material dealers, specialized sanitarywares distribution, multi-specialists, DIY stores, integrated networks for external carpentry, etc.



« Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers »



  • Questions to owners (family, fund), middle management, employees and clients

  • Reformulation and rewriting of the mission after answers

  • Analysis of operational (processes, returns…) and strategic dysfunctions

  • « Surprise report »

  • Proposal of several performance improvement strategies and change action plan – priorities

  • Validation by the client

  • Timetable


  • Identification of possible relays, synthesis of skills

  • Communication: explain to everyone and individually why I am there, the situation, the objectives and the operational plan

  • Organization of the structure according to the objectives and identification of complementary needs in terms of resources

  • Approach the different workstations by listening and understanding the business and the person dedicated to this task

  • Going with sales representatives to the customers


  • Checking the initial timing and taking care to « keep the pace »

  • Priorities may change depending on feasibility and external factors

  • Check-ins twice a week and celebration of intermediate successes

  • Final reports to the client  but also to senior managers in all departments

  • Possibly final meeting with staff to inform them of what has been achieved vs. the starting situation


My career is rich with various experiences in interim management and consulting.

Each time, I have been able to answer the issues and which required a rapid and original response.

My career has also been peppered with « non-interim » projects. They have contributed to strengthening my know-how and interpersonal skills in the functions of General Manager and Sales & Marketing Director.

These interventions are done with the existing teams  or to be recruited.

A corporate represention (called « Mandat Social » in France), as CEO or gérant for ex., is possible depending on the situation of the BU I have to care.

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« I had the real pleasure to work with Jean LIERMANN during a long crisis management mission. Beyond his proven skills in many fields (management, corporate strategy, marketing and B2B sales, negotiations...), I was especially impressed by his human qualities and values; they were decisive to get out of a difficult social and economic situation.
His empathy, his enthusiasm, his ability to federate and make his teams grow, his intellectual honesty, his tenacity, and his ability to establish a climate of reciprocal trust, which is almost natural for him, allowed us to restore situations that we thought were lost, and to succeed where others had failed.
Working with Jean again? Without any hesitation. I can only recommend him to you. »

O. Pastrès – Outsourced Financial Director (Interim & Part-time)


« For a transitional mission which consisted in developing an innovative and connected tap water filtration solution, I called upon jean Liermann to manage this project which is similar to the launching of a startup. I was very satisfied with his work. An efficient man, affable, knowing how to establish an excellent relationship, and a good strategic intuition. I really appreciated the time I spent working with him. »

M.S. – CEO of a food Group


« First an organizational and operational input to test the feasibility, then real strategic alternative answers that allowed us to visualize all the options and make a decision. »

R.H./P.W – Members of the G.Group Executive Board


« I had the pleasure of working with Jean for one of our clients. A lot of energy and enthusiasm, rigor and a real capacity to be a business partner to accompany the customers! Highly recommended! »

Pierre Bodineau - PARTEAM

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Crisis management:

Recovery of the French subsidiary (Sales – Production – Installation – Maintenance) of a German industrial family group thanks to a 180° repositioning of the marketing/commercial policy, to a systematization of cost reduction by renegotiation of the suppliers’ contracts and to the implementation of a new organization – A long mission to absorb enormous losses, to reconstitute the staff, to set up safety processes to perpetuate and to return to a positive result.

Audit, structuring and development mission:

Following the absorption of a French group made up of several companies by another European group, which commissioned me to develop some of them, audit others in order to integrate, sell or close certain departments or BUs.


Audit and management of a limited « roof » company, grouping 2 BUs  (German origin), sales oriented, in order to answer a strategic question of association or merger.

Crisis, structuring and audit mission:

Following the takeover by a French group of a company and Seveso production unit in Germany, I was asked to audit the processes, the supply-chain, the offer, the normative aspect and to manage this BU in order to structure it around new working methods. Preparation for transformation into an autonomous commercial subsidiary and integration of production into a new group production entity.
This model will be used for the organization and future acquisitions.

Business development mission:

Marketing and sales mission for a large foreign industrial group, development of its European offer, thanks to the definition of a French and European strategy, implementation of a development plan, creation of essential tools for the launch of the brand and approach of potential customers within my distributors’ networks.

Missions of advice, consulting and coaching in interim management and on a time-sharing basis:

  • In the HR field, for implementation of a dialogue and procedures between a manager and his employees managed from another country;
  • in the commercial field, to identify the means to reach the objectives and to increase the sales or the customers’ frequentation;
  • in the context of business start-up, to define the strategy, to implement the communication, to set up tools for approaching partners and steering of an outsourced R&D for a POC.



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